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TURIN smart industrial robot industry application case

TURIN smart industrial robot industry application case

The first chapter: efficient grinding of aluminum castings, the worship of cyclists everywhere, aluminum shell drawing and polishing work done by the TURIN Intelligent Industrial Robot. TURIN offers a cost-effective solution at a cost of only about 50% of the imported polishing system, with fast and stable performance and the ability to finish a workpiece in 10 seconds.

TURIN robots have been widely used in electronic products, notebook enclosures and other products grinding, polishing and drawing.

Chapter II: 3D visual flexible loading and unloading applications

TURIN intelligent industrial robots with 3D visual flexible loading application case

Chapter VI: 13 robots automated stamping connection

In the case, 13 TURIN intelligent industrial robotsare used in the automated production lines of stamping and connecting lines. They mainly provide automatic stamping of components for the world's leading power equipment manufacturers. The stamping robots mainly perform the functions of material picking, material feeding, material taking-out And a series of actions, efficient replacement of labor! TURIN robots have been widely used in high-end and high-flexibility stamping production lines such as automotive parts and electronic products.

The third chapter: SCARA visual application

TURIN customized SCARA dispensing robot for an agricultural product, finished 128 products at a time, with 30 dispensing points per product and 11648 data at a time.

TURIN intelligent industrial robotcan also be dual-camera positioning film for electronic products, TURIN robot and Mitsubishi PLC and Siemens PLC seamless docking, can be widely used in various fields.

TURIN SCARA robot with the visual system, with an astonishing accuracy of 0.05mm. Can be used for any high-precision applications, if you need to understand the details of the application, please consult TURIN sales.

Every robot sold by TURIN allows integrators and customers to enjoy the value TURIN robots offer. This is the greatest fortune of TURIN!

The above is only representative of the application, the remaining application cases, please consult TURIN sales.