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From industrial robots to intelligent industrial robots

From industrial robots to intelligent industrial robots

From industrial robots to intelligent industrial robots

At present, China's industrial robot industry status quo is: demand, industry overheating, blindly follow, disorderly development. There are about 4,000 robot companies in China and there are only 2,000 robot robots in the world. Industrial robots worldwide are probably only 5 or 40 years old. China 2000 robot manufacturers, of which 90% were either acquired by others, or died halfway.

Foreign robot still dominates the domestic, why do we have a gap with foreign? Robot key lies in the control of each joint motor, the motor behind the encoder, feedback back to control its activities, so if there is error in the motor

Can be overcome. The motor is behind the RV gear, this error is not within the controller. So we have to do a good job robot, the first to do a good job of the motor and controller to complete the feedback part of the error correction, in this semi-open-loop case, only the ramp gear

The accuracy of the robot increases the accuracy of your robot, which is why we say simply doing a simple ontology can not improve the robot's ability. Because of our manufacturing, process level and control of the limited, in this regard

Let Japan and Germany card our neck.

So, if we follow this line of thinking in industrial robots, we must do five things. The first ROS gear, harmonic gear and the end of the governor to do, the most important thing to do with the governor; second RV gear well; the third harmonic

Gear well; the fourth to do a good servo motor; the fifth system to do a good job. These few things are done, our industrial robot will have a chance PK abroad. Power of quality, with great concentration flexible industrial robots.

What is the difference between human work and robot work?

People work to achieve precision, you need to do while watching, forming a smart feedback loop, while adjusting the workpiece position and tool position, feedback through the eyes, and then through the brain to do to judge. But now the industrial robot did not do this,

It's a safe machine. So to increase the intelligence of the machine, reducing the dependence on the accuracy of the parts, reduce the error of external environment interference. Need to join two cycles to be called a smart industrial robot. The first cycle, at the end of the robot afterburner sensor or visual sensor, through the force, the visual sensor has been working on the feedback, the formation of intelligent closed loop. The second cycle, more is the addition of artificial intelligence.

Intelligent industrial robots extremely easy to do, China and abroad are also side by side, have not made advanced advantages. If we open up new battlefields, the Chinese may have a place in this industrial field.

Intelligent robot is imitation of an individual, intelligent robot imitation of a group of people, we only through the group of intellectual networks, the Internet, the different machines and people together to form a smart robot. Different robots through the group-wise network together, it formed a group of intelligent robots. In this way, our robot uses a cell phone to form a very smart network, which can provide better intelligence for Industrial 4.0. Once we have a smart robot, we form a distributed network so that we can manufacture 2025 in China and move on to Industry 4.0. We are now a personalized production, everyone has their own car, the original way that the line is not suitable, we use a distributed network to do. A robot can perfectly do what he should do, completely self-organizing, with no connection in the middle. You tell him how to connect even if it is connected. This turns the original centralized production into a personalized and flexible Production.

Through the above analysis we can draw the following three points:

The first in the robot to add intelligence, the function cycle to replace the accuracy of the various core components.

The second robot must be made of arms, with hand.

The third is to have distributed intelligent robots, robots have different levels of wisdom, and the robot itself should be a group work process.

TURIN robot suggestion: China has entered the field of industrial robots, do not get sick and throwing medicine. Do industrial robots, we must distinguish between the strategy to be taken is to follow the strategy or in accordance with the new wisdom of the road, or to do more wisdom, no matter which path, think about it, and then persist in it.