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                                                                     STH100S series

J1 axisJ2 axisJ3 axisR axis
Shaft gaugeArm   length (mm)STH100S-600400200-
Rotation range (degrees)140140-360
Motor name                            Italy   RRRobotica
Motor output750W(AC)600W(AC)400W(AC)200W(AC)
Slow down mechanismReducerHarmonic gear driveHarmonic gear drive-Harmonic gear drive
ConductionMotor and reducerDirect-Synchronous pulley connection
Reducer and outputDirect
Repeated positioning accuracy (X, Y, Z: mm) (r: degrees)±0.02±0.03±0.02
Top speed(x,y,z:mm/sec)(r:degree/sec)230368512452
Maximum handling weight(kg)10KG
Standard cycle time: 1KG can be transported(sec)0.6seconds
R axis allows moment of inertia (KGm2)0.18
Input (IN) Output (OUT)0.2*20
User piping (outside)Φ6*3
Robot cable length (m)Standard: 3       Optional: 5
Host weight (KG)46KG

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