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Number of robots6 axis
The largest radius2326/2000/1700mm
Robot load100/150/200Kg
Drive numbersix
Robot accuracy±0.1mm
Robot weight1100/1300Kg

shaftRotation AngleThe running speed
J1 - basic shaft+150°~-150°60°/Sec.
J2- shoulder joint axis+80°~-60°60°/Sec.
J3-arm joint shaft+80°~-70°110°/Sec.
J4- rotation arm joint axis+150°~-150°150°/Sec. 875Nm
J5- tilts the wrist joint axis+115°~-115°150°/Sec. 955Nm
J6- rotating wrist joint axis+300°~-300°230°/Sec. 345Nm


Apply to:

assembly  handling Machine tool up and down  welding    pallet  The visual application

Optional accessories:

Connect the cable  Robot base  The radiator  Visual identification system  Machine tool kit The CAD interface  Extensible I/O modules  Visual application system

6 axis industrial robot,The robot load is 100/200/300kg

The extensible type:4 axis robot,5 axis robot

Fixtures and peripherals can be installed:Linear slide rail、The turntable、Automatic pallet switching device、Conveyor belt、locator、The visual system

Working area

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