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Max Working Radius1412mm
Body Weight160kg
Reducer Brandentrance
Motor BrandItaly   RRRobotica
Drive BrandItaly   RRRobotica
Rated Power4kw
Max   SpeedJ1149°/s
Max   Operation AreaJ1±170°
protective   specification43
Position Repeat Accuracy±0.06mm
Working Temperature0~45°

Product info

TKB1600 industrial robot with lightweight design, compact structure, large operating space, fast dynamic response, stable and reliable performance. The product is easy to install, small footprint, to meet the needs of flexible production, can be quickly put into production, improve production efficiency.


Flexible installation method:

TKB1600 payload 12 kg, reaching a distance of 1412mm, highly compact design, can be flexibly choose to install or upside down installation is conducive to shortening the takt time and broaden the range of applications.

Excellent price / performance ratio

Product structure design rigorous, the key components are from first-class suppliers, superior product performance. Superior acceleration and deceleration performance, help to shorten the working time, improve production efficiency.

High-end configuration:

The robot's core components are all imported brands (reducer: 1/2/3 axis, Japan's Nabtesco; 4/5/6 axis Japan's new treasure. Servo Drive: South Korea LS. Drive Motor: 1/2/3 Axis, South Korea LS; 4/5/6 axis, Japan Tamagawa), and the use of the most advanced EtherCAT bus technology, with high speed, high precision, good stability, long hours 24 hours continuous operation. TKB1600 robot can be applied to almost all typical industrial applications, including: welding, spraying, grinding (polishing), machine loading and unloading, sorting and so on.

Easy to operate and programming:

Through the intuitive and friendly teaching pendant, robotics and arc welding process can be easily programmed and maintained. The teach pendant uses a popular PC graphical interface, no matter whether the robot is controlled or the specific process equipment, the operator has no stranger feeling.

Quick support and service:

Proactive and timely customer service, regular maintenance. Spare parts quality and cheap, can be quickly replaced. High-quality service for your production escort.

Working area

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